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9Mobile for Sale

Over the last two months, there have been speculations from the public about the sale of 9mobile, and it has been spoken by several that Globacom, the second largest telecommunication network in Nigeria has made moves to acquire the falling industry, but in a statement released by the CEO of Globacom, Mike Adenuga, that the company has not made such moves.

From recent developments, as regards the subject, we have discovered that there only 2 companies that are presently bidding for the ownership of the struggling 9mobile, the two companies are Teleology Holdings Limited and Smile Telecoms Holdings. Based on the bidding of the two companies, we have been able to gather that Teleology Holdings Limited is emerging gradually as the acquirer of the company.

Teleology has been able to bid a sum of $500 million while Smile Telecoms put in $300 million. Teleology Holdings Limited is a company promoted by Adrian Wood, Former CEO of MTN Nigeria, while Smile Telecoms Holdings is a telecom that has its head office in Nigeria with extensions in Tanzania, Uganda, Congo DR, and South Africa.

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