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The Next Gen Gaming: PlayStation 5 and its Accessories

playstation 5

The Next Gen Gaming: PlayStation 5 and its Accessories

Unboxing the PlayStation 5, you notice how huge the box. Inside it is possibly the most hyped piece of tech of this year and that is a PlayStation 5 console. On the front of the packaging is a picture of the console and controller.

  • A little cardboard box.
    PlayStation 5 console.
    Power cable.
    Single Dual wireless controller.
    Paperwork and safety guide leaflet.
    PS 5 dock stand.

At first impression, the PlayStation 5 look Like an alien spaceship with its gigantic size. The textures of the consoles are a matte finish on the white and the inside is glossy (A very reflective surface). A close look at the texture of the PS5 you can see it’s actually made up of a bunch of tiny X, O, squares, and triangles which is nice, the design is extremely small and embossed in a seemingly random pattern. The front is

  • USB
    USB Type C
    Disk eject button and
    Power button.

The design of the PS5 is not pointlessly or complex, a lot of what the design is all about is thermal management.
On the back of the PS5 is the

  • Heatsink
    Power DC-in
    Two USB and then at the top is a Kensington lock.

Size Comparison (PS5 v PS4 Pro v Xbox Series X)

The PS4 Pro is definitely slimmer than the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The PS5 is definitely taller, wider, bigger, and heavier in every dimension while the Xbox Series X is smaller than the PS5 and It will feel nice underneath your TV.


There’s more to the PlayStation other than just the console, there is also all the accessories:

Dual sense Wireless Controller

The second dual sense wireless controller comes separately. Unboxing from the box, it has a white color scheme with blue accents. The first impression of it is really nice just like the ps4 controller. The controller is bigger, solid, and actually feels a lot more comfortable. The stems are a little bit longer, a little bigger, and still really lightweight. The controller layout is basically exactly the same triangle, square circle, x. On the left trackpad is the direction key and in between is dual joysticks and then around the back, there’s no removable back but it’s has a built-in rechargeable 1500mAh with a port to charge which is USB Type-C. This controller comes with improved haptic feedback and new improved triggers with responsiveness. A couple of things you notice is the microphone, speaker and the PlayStation button are still at the bottom, no led light on the back of the controller instead the light is behind the trackpad. Underneath you’ll notice some pins on either side of the headphone jack meant for docked charging which is one of the coolest parts of the design of this controller. The texture on the back is made up of those tiny little parts that embossed X, O, squares, and triangles which can be noticed when you look closely at the controller.

Dual Sense Charging Station

Sony made a dual sense charging station to charge two controllers at once which is very smart, the dock actually sits around next to the console which is plugged in by USB to charge. For two controllers, you will be needing the dock. Unboxing the Dock, it comes with:

  • The charging dock.
    A power cable.
    Charging brick.

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

The new pulse 3D wireless headset here is pretty distinct, a design that looks super minimal with its white and black color. The headphones are pretty massive and very unique looking, it does have USB-C charging, a three and a half millimeter headphone jack to plug straight into the controller, and a USB dongle to connect wirelessly to the console. The headset can do 3D audio with certain games that support it. There’re dual microphones for better audio quality and noise cancellation. The battery can last up to 12 hours of battery life. The headphone’s material is almost entirely plastic but has this unique dual-band design where the bottom has a sliding rubber band to fit well on your head. The ear cushions are super thick and soft and comfortable and the whole package is pretty lightweight. At the bottom of the Left ear cup are the USB-C charging, microphone, mute button, the sliding power, and the LED indicator.

HD Camera

This will probably be the least purchased official first-party accessory. This accessory is meant for people streaming their games. The camera is completely integrated with the whole system and of course, matches the whole aesthetic. It’s a 1080P camera with a built-in white stand that lets you adjust the angle, so you can put it below or above the TV.

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