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How To Save Battery Life On Your Laptop

How To Save Battery Life On Your Laptop

One of the most common queries gadget owner has, how do I fix a fast-draining battery. It doesn’t matter which brand of laptop you have usually, the battery will start draining quickly after two or three years of using the laptop. Well, it’s a common problem for everyone, and here are a few tips that will help you fix a fast-draining battery and continue your work without having to charge your laptop frequently.


Reason Why your laptop’s battery drains quickly


The most important reason is if you have been using the same battery for several years, its performance is most likely to drop with time. Several factors can also make your laptop consume more battery. These factors:

  • Keeping the brightness level to maximum.
  • Having too many background processes.
  • Running too many happy applications at the same time.
  • connecting your laptop to too many peripherals.
  • A faulty drive.


How To Fix Laptop Battery From Draining Fast

Screen Brightness

A useful tip is when using your laptop indoors there’s no point in keeping the brightness level to maximum. Keeping your brightness at a higher brightness level makes your screen consume more and more power causing the battery to drain more rapidly before anything else brings down the screen brightness level. How to reduce brightness:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select system.
  • Click display and adjust the brightness level.

 Avoid Overcharge Battery

Overcharging a battery is something we mostly do daily. This is the worst habit and the most common reason that causes laptop battery issues. A whole lot of people have the habit of either keeping their laptop plugged into the charger all the time or connecting the charger when the battery is critically low, always remember that both of these habits will reduce the lifetime of a battery and will result in a replacement. Any advice is you should always connect the charger when the battery is at 20% and disconnect it immediately once the battery is completely charged.

Stop Background Processes

Background processes are likely to consume more battery therefore using the task manager on your laptop to close background processes will save battery. To do this:

  • Open Task Manager.
  • Scroll through the background processes.
  • Select the applications that are consuming too much power.
  • Click the end task to close it.


Turn Off Keyboard Backlights, Bluetooth & WI-FI

A laptop having a backlit keyboard will consume more battery than a regular one. You don’t need a backlight on your keyboard if you’re not sitting in a dark room. make sure you turn off the keyboard backlight you can do this by pressing a dedicated button on your keyboard or by navigating to the control panel mouse and keyboard and turning it off. if you’re working offline you might want to turn off wi-fi as the laptop battery tends to drain more rapidly while connected to the internet also if you haven’t connected any Bluetooth devices to the laptop make sure you turn off Bluetooth as well.

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